Having no previous experience, we ordered a new Roma Elegance caravan through Johnsons Caravans in April 2016. The ordering process was extremely smooth with Len Johnson providing excellent advice and recommendations on options to include in our order.  The van was delivered in early June, and both Brendan and Len Johnson were so helpful with showing us how all the various features of the van worked. We set off on our first extended trip in July that year and have since completed over 22000 km. All-in-all, in just over 2 years we have spent nearly twelve months of that time living on the road. Our van has travelled from the East Coast of Tasmania to Karumba and Cooktown in far north Queensland, and we have enjoyed exploring both Victoria and NSW (coastal and country regions) en route.
We come back to Johnsons Caravans at the end of each trip so that our van can be serviced and kept in tiptop condition and ready for our next adventure.
The van itself has many great features, but most importantly it is built very solidly, and it tows brilliantly. We find the internal layout to be very practical and there is excellent amount of storage. All the appliances work very well, as does the power management system, plumbing and gas. It is set up very well for living off-grid with an abundance of solar power and sufficient water to enable extended remote-area camping.
The team at Johnsons Caravans is simply first rate. Their combined experience and knowledge gave us the confidence to travel far and wide from the outset, and their support at the end of the phone (especially in the early stages) was invaluable. We do not hesitate to thoroughly recommend the team at Johnsons Caravans in Maryborough, Victoria.

Jane and Jim Rogers

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